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Today Kim talks about how she chose her company values as well as what drives and intrigues her. She introduces a nugget of information she shares with some of her clients, as well as offering a FREE personal coaching session with her!

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Kim has some big plans for the future, including a "short" long-term vision and a "long" long-term vision. Today she shares both, as well as her key strategies for getting there.

She also talks about how the coaching process works and where they are located.

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Kim has passed down her coaching talents to a very strong staff of five coaches, with 11 more waiting in the wings for their certification. She's used her knowledge to build an excellent team and it gives her great satisfaction to see their success.

She's taking a purposeful step back from constant coaching and limiting her clients because she knows she must also be the voice and face of the company. Today she shares about her typical day, and find out what she has in common with our host!

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Kim has been involved with assessing people for many years and in 2005 she made a change. She wanted to work one-on-one with people and help coach them to success.

She got going quickly and today she shares how she started and what drove her to make journaling the focus of her coaching.


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Jay's lived through many successes and some failures, and he preaches that young entrepreneurs are in the perfect position to put all their eggs in one basket. That's the time to take the risk, according to him, and the key is to know how to protect your basket!

Today he shares about his father and how he was influenced by his success and his failure, as well as sharing an inspiring book title from way back when.

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In today's episode, Jay talks about how he will continue helping young entrepreneurs in the future, as well as his plans to write a book with Tony Jeary about getting advice from the right sources. 

He shares an anecdote that will be included in the book, which will be titled Advice Matters as well as passing along valuable information about franchising. 

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Jay spent 62 years building and selling businesses, and today he shares what he does with his time now. He could've retired 30 years ago, but he loves helping young entrepreneurs so much he still works full-time hours doing so.

He talks about his a-typical day and what he has shared with entrepreneurs throughout the years, as well as sharing some interesting stories about how several investments turned out.

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Jay Rodgers has had his hand in a lot of cookie jars over the past 60+ years, and he got his entrepreneurial start at age 13. He didn't stop with just one business, however. He was always looking to make things bigger and better and then make his exit.

Although he's about to hit the 75 mark, he keeps himself young by adding to his ever-growing list of companies he has either started or improved. Today he shares how he started a couple of those and what it takes to be successful in any business.

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Hunter feels great about what he does, because it allows him to give back to the community that he grew up with.

He also has a knack for making people feel important, including knowing every single member of the Stunt Players Directory by face and name. (and that's a lot!)

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Hunter is excited about the future of Stunt Players Directory, especially as they continue to become more innovative. The service he provides has greatly changed the industry, and he has plans to do even more.

Today he shares how he plans to continue to change the industry, and how he will balance his studies with his jobs and Stunt Players.

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Hunter has only had the reins for just over a year, but he's already making changes and keeping up with the times. He's constantly striving to improve his business, but he's also a full time college student as well as spending much of his time auditioning for commercials and other things in Hollywood.

He says most "kids" his age these days overthink things too much and can really stress themselves out.

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Hunter was a regional winner of the Global Student Entrepreneur Award in Los Angeles and he recently traveled to Chicago for the national contest. As the youngest guest on the show to date, Hunter has a surprising amount of information to share.

Today Hunter shares the interesting story of how he came to be the owner of Stunt Players Directory. He didn't want to break bones or set himself on fire, but he knew he wanted to be involved in his father's world of stuntmen and women, so this was the next best thing.

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Michael believes his success comes from always putting the customer first. Today he shares an example of how that plays out in business for him.

He also shares what he would do differently if he could start all over, as well as what has been the most fulfilling for him at this point in his young business.


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Michael believes bigger is not necessarily better, and although they have plans for growth, they're not looking to conquer the world and spend most of their time traveling the globe to put out fires. 

Today Michael shares his plans for the future, as well as his astonishing stats on the job placement rate they have from their very first class of students. 

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Michael is focused on continuing to deliver quality training, and they have worked hard to have an 80% job placement rate for their classes so far. 

They are working on their customer acquisition model right now, and they've already got a new program in place that bridges the gap between high school and college. 

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Michael noticed that San Antonio lacked a computer programming training or education of any real sort, so he jumped ship and partnered with a few other techies to create Codeup in late 2013.

They've already helped 95 people in just a year's time to become computer programmers and they are focused on adding even more value to the San Antonio area.

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Mike wants to change the world, and he's working on making it safer for his daughter. He succeeds in business by not getting too high on the highs and too low on the lows.

He believes entrepreneurship is a marathon, and he teaches his employees to believe the same thing. He loves seeing his vision come alive and he shares today why he doesn't have any sales people.

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Mike eventually wants to sell his company, and he's being very strategic about his key plans for the business because of it.

He's become known as the king of "quick hit cafes," which happen in churches and other businesses around the country. Today he shares his plans for expansion.


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Mike has been in business for 19 years and he's about to make a big move in order to be able to grow even more. He believes in building communities one cup at a time, and he makes certain all hires understand and agree with that philosophy.

He's getting geared up for the first quarter of 2015 and he has plans, but he's learned that he can't just go with every single idea he comes up with.

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Mike was working his own advertising company when a client approached him about selling espresso machines in 1995. Starbucks wasn't around yet and he didn't even know what a latte was, but he decided to take it on as a side job.

After a tough first year, he went out on his own and started making more money than he thought possible selling coffee machines and he soon sold his advertising company to make room for the time needed for his new business.

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Todd's why has definitely changed, because initially it was about paying the bills. Now, he has more money than he ever dreamed he would, but he quickly found out having a new house and two new cars in the driveway were not all they were cracked up to be.

Today he is very candid as he shares with Fresh about his struggle with purpose, why he's been successful and how he'd cheat if he could do it all over again. (Yes, you read that right)


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Todd doesn't necessarily want to grow any larger with his companies, but he does want to work smarter and maximize what he's already doing. Today he shares about some of the ways he wants to give back in the future.

He's already planning his exit strategy, because he expects to have his role change in about 10 years, although he doesn't believe it means retiring and laying on a beach all the time.

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After being in business nearly 25 years, Todd has a conglomerate of companies and he is busy working on them, but not bogged down working IN them. Today he shares why he isn't paying off his mortgage early and why he wishes he could shut his mind off sometimes.

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Todd got a rough start in 1990 when he used $10k to start Cleaning Connection. For several years, he sold the accounts during the day and did the cleaning at night, burning the rope at both ends.

Mentorship is what turned things around for him and why he highly recommends it. In 1995, he considered closing his doors, but his mentor helped him see what he could do, and today he's got multiple businesses with hundreds of employees.

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Michele is a self-admitted "big nerd," and shares in today's episode how that led to becoming the Queen of Balance in Chicago and beyond. She worked with the DOD and figured out that she wanted to help people in a unique way.

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Entrepreneurship: "All the cool kids are doing it!" According to Michele Kehrer, now is the best time to be an entrepreneur, because everyone is more free to be who they want to be.


She's planning to grow by scaling down. Does that make sense? It will when you listen to the episode!

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Michele has been in business for eight years and she's paid off her original loan for seed capital, and she's working on continuous improvement.

Today she shares what she loves and hates about the business, including how to think outside the box when it comes to physical therapy as well as her insurance company woes.

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Michele's always had the "entrepreneurial bug in her belly," and although it took her three tries to finally realize her current situation wasn't going to change, she finally got the message and got her doctorate in physical therapy.

Today she shares how she got her start and why she is always the "go big or go home" type of person.

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Tony's always gone for the highest level possible, causing others to hate him in school, since he was usually a curve-wrecker. But he believes in going for the best you can achieve.

Today he shares why he thinks he's been successful so far, who and what has inspired and influenced him the most, and what has been the most fulfilling to him so far.

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Tony has a long-term plan in place, and he's just getting started. In today's episode, he shares some of his strategies for reaching his 10-year goals as well as what those goals are.

He wants to build disciples, or others whom he can train to either take his place or come alongside him to take on the bulk of the business and help relieve him of some travel pains, since he currently spends over 80% of his time traveling.

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Tony is past the pebble stage and today he shares where they are right now. They are approaching 300 employees and he likes to run lean, meaning he likes to be tight on cash because they are continuing to grow.

When someone says enough is enough in their business, that's where Tony comes in. He can take a successful business and ramp it up.


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Tony Rock founded Cimarron Infrastructure Group just over 3 years ago, but he's got grand plans. He won't put all his eggs in one basket, but he's discovered he'd rather have a small piece of a much larger pie than 100% of a small pie.

Today he talks about surprises in the first year and how he dealt with them.

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Mike got into his own business because he's a terrible employee. He admits that when he was working for someone else, he just felt like he wanted freedom. He's willful and stubborn and refused to not see things work out.

Today he does get philosophical when he explains what he'd do differently if he could start over and what has been most fulfilling for him as a business owner.


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Although Mike wants to expand and rebrand, he doesn't have plans to take over the world. Today he shares how he plans to get to the $5 million mark and why he's looking to the future. He plans to narrow down what they offer as a company and he hopes he will do more of the leading and less of the managing side of things in the future.


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Mike shares a birthday with the original owner of Bob Wright Creative, and they met a few years back, realizing he was exactly half of the original owner's age. He's learned a lot in the past dozen years, and today he shares his experiences with cash, growing pains, things he loves and the shallowness of the industry.

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Mike Gastin is a serial entrepreneur, and he'll be the first to admit he's had a lot of starts and fails. Twelve years ago, he took a chance on acquiring a company that was already in existence, and Bob Wright Creative became his new livelihood.

Today Mike shares some of his challenges and surprises in taking over an existing company, and he speaks frankly about what he had to change and what he didn't touch in that first year.

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All jokes aside, Mark Giltner takes his work very seriously. His goal is to take care of the clients, and his role has become more that of counselor to his clients. He's enjoyed long-term relationships with the representatives of some of his longest running clients, and he shares in their victories as well as laying awake at night worry about their possible defeats.

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Mark enjoys setting traps for the opposing clients and the success that comes with setting a good trap. He's great at what he does and he knows how to train a new attorney to do what he does.

Shelton & Valadez wants to offer their clients quality work and they want to be able to continue to pay the people they hire, so they aren't in a hurry to hire. Today he shares how Obamacare has affected them as well as why he still has sleepless nights.


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Although Mark knows he's still too much in the weeds in his business, he loves litigation and loves setting traps for plaintiffs in his cases. He loves what he does, but he also realizes he needs to make some tough decisions and train attorneys to take his place.

Today he talks about how he manages his typical day, as well as what he calls "The Moving Lunch," which allows him to pack more into his busy schedule.

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Mark Giltner started his journey with Shelton & Valadez more than 20 years ago, but it was an interesting trip that got him there. Starting out in investment banking, he decided in his senior year that he wanted to do security law. After his internship, he knew that wasn't the place for him.

Today he shares how he valued the people at Shelton & Valadez and was willing to take a benefits and pay cut to get on board with a company he believed in and how that paid off.

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Frank Fantozzi knows there are some things he would do differently if he was starting all over again, but most importantly would be to value his services. Advice early on suggested he give away part of his services to get referrals.

After three years, he was barely making it and his referrals weren't getting any better. When he started charging for those services, he suddenly hit the referral jackpot and his money started increasing as well.

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Frank's customers appreciate his ability to turn on a dime, and he doesn't want to get so large he can't still do that, but he does have plans for growth. His company currently has clients in 19 states, and because he likes to travel, he wants to get someone in all 50 states.

Today he shares his 3 motivations for why he set up the company he did, as well as his key strategies and also his key obstacles.

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Frank knows cash is king, and he's sitting pretty right now. He got smart during the recession, starting not just a "rainy day fund" but also an "opportunities fund." His employees love this setup, because they have secure bonuses and they feel secure in their job.

Today he talks about the "return on life" and what that means to him. His biggest challenge is scaling, and he talks candidly about how that looks in his business.


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When Frank Fantozzi decided being a regular cpa wasn't for him, he chose to blaze a new trail as a financial advisor. What he didn't expect was to get knocked down the totem pole so far. He dealt with the lack of respect and built his company anyway, and today he shares how that start took place.

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When Maritza started her business back in her teen years, her core why was just to have the freedom to do what she wanted and not take orders from someone else, as well as making money without having to cash a paycheck.

Today, her core why is still freedom, but it has changed to having freedom to be able to affect the lives of others. On a recent trip to Uganda, she got to see first hand how money she had donated helped kids have a school built.


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Maritza has big plans for the future, including raising up the next generation of performers as well as providing more people with opportunities to learn horsemanship and online marketing training.

Today she shares how she sold $30,000 of product in just a few days--don't miss it! She also shares her optimism for future entrepreneurs who have either passion or expertise. Her main advice? Be consistent!

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Although Maritza didn't want to admit just how long she's been in business, she shares candidly in today's episode how her cash situation is as well as why cash is freedom.

She talks about her typical day and why she sometimes feels like the wedding planner as well as the bride when planning and performing in a horse show, but she also shares about the difficulty of letting horses go.

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Maritza Parra started her company very early, after putting on a horse show for her father's birthday. The idea caught on and soon she was working with her other three performers and their horses at shows all over the place.

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Rick's core why hasn't changed since 7th grade. He's always wanted to be a difference-maker, and he's accomplished that many times and through many different avenues.

Today he shares about his philosophies, as well as who has inspired him most (you don't want to miss THAT) and what he thinks it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

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Rick follows the advice of Jim Collins in his book Good to Great by doing something he is passionate about, can make money at and in his own world, he is the best at it.

He faces challenges in his business mostly because there are so many directions he could go in, including musician, novelist, cpa, speaker, and even mounted horseman!

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Twenty-two years ago, Rick started his company with a dream of being more than just a cpa. Today, he runs a website filled with articles and videos, all free, for both individuals and businesses.

When the recession hit, he went against the flow and hired more people instead of letting people go, and it paid off for his business. Now he's writing a novel as well as doing normal cpa things plus spending time with his family and delegating tasks.


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Rick Norris started his business years ago because he wanted his kids to grow up with a mom and a dad. At the time, he was working regular cpa hours, and during tax season, that meant he was working 7 days a week, very long hours.

All that changed when he went out on his own, and today he shares what having his own business let him do with and for his family.

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The goal has always been to help people, and Bryan has passed that on to his team, as well as fine-tuning what that means for 6th and Burnside.

Today he talks about why he's been successful and who has inspired him. He shares about his upcoming venture into parenthood, and the podcast he and his wife are starting called The Poser Parents.

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Bryan's not looking to be a big splash in the ocean with 6th and Burnside, but if it happens, he'll be happy to ride the waves it makes. He enjoys making a difference and focusing on team building, with plans to grow enough that he has a terrific staff of talented photographers who can allow him to become more of a project manager.

Their focus on the customer experience is what blows people away, and their referrals are numerous because they focus on more than just capturing the photo. Today he shares more about how they give back to the community.

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Bryan's been in business since 2008, and he has the privilege of working with his wife, which is both challenging and rewarding. He has no problem giving her the administrative reins, as it greatly improved his business when she took over billing and everything that goes with that.

Bryan and his wife started on the debt-free train just 2 years ago, and they've managed to become completely debt-free just 2 months ago. Today he shares freely what he loves and hates about the business.

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When Bryan's job moved him to West Virginia, he enjoyed the scenery so much he decided to take up a little photography on the side. His plan was to decorate his bare walls, but others soon took notice of his skills.

Not long after, others started requesting his services, and his business was born. Join him on today's episode as he shares his humble beginnings.

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In this exciting bonus episode, Fresh Kisgen shares some tips and quotes from an excellent line up of speakers he heard recently at EO Thrive in Cleveland.

Today he shares quotes and ideas from speakers like Jodi Berg of Vitamix, Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple and more. Don't miss it!

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John started out with survival on his mind, but now he wants to help others create "life wealth." He helped his clients in San Antonio add a total of approximately 350 staff this past year, and that brings him great pleasure.

He loves his days, because he gets to be each one of the Village People and more, all in one-hour increments, so his ADD doesn't bother him much, and when he comes home at night, he is exhausted, but satisfied.

Direct download: 108_John_F._Dini_Clouds.mp3
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Although John wants to provide for himself and his family, he doesn't see MPN becoming a huge boulder in the ocean of entrepreneurship, and he's okay with that. He's also not interested in retiring and laying on a beach somewhere.

In today's episode, he talks about MPN as a lifestyle business as well as working with baby boomers and how they have a sense of urgency.

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John gathers smart people and works to keep them happy so they rarely leave him. He likes to give people opportunities while they work for him, which helps them be satisfied in their positions.

In this episode, John shares tips and tricks from his book, Hunting in a Farmer's World, and he leaves the listeners with some valuable information to take and implement.

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John Dini is your typical ready, fire, aim type of serial entrepreneur and he'll be the first to admit it. But when it comes to running businesses, this guy knows his stuff.

He's a self-admitted workaholic and his consulting business, MPN, morphed from his desire to be home with his family more. Today he shares how things got started and why he's always felt a little crazy.

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Sushant values learning and freedom, and every day when he wakes up, he promises to learn something new. If he accomplishes this, he sleeps well at night.

"I may not be the smartest or fastest, but I'm resilient and persistent," Misra says, when asked why he's been so successful. He can take a lickin' and keep on tickin." Today he shares how he lives and why.

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Sushant admits he's not the technical guy, and he's looking to either hire one or partner with one to take his business farther. His goal is to create something that will really benefit people.

He wants to create a platform with action-oriented classes that people are both creating and consuming. He shares about consistent execution and why networking is important to him, as well as why he's always looking for the next level.

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Sushant knows he works best with proper rest, so he takes care to get enough sleep, and he allows himself the luxury of a nap most afternoons.

Sushant also forges his own trail when it comes to creating content. He does allow a 7-day trial period on his website, but he does not offer any content for free, saying, "I work hard and my content is worth something."

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Sushant graduated with a degree in healthcare in 2010 and immediately knew a 9-5 job wasn't for him. He bravely ventured into the entrepreneurial world without a thought in his head as to what sort of business to run. After a few blocked paths, he founded Trep Talks, which has grown to fulfill a need.

Sushant shares his story of how he got to where he is and why he experiences a calm and peace where he is in life right now.

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Stops, walls and barriers. Amy doesn't believe in allowing those to reside in her life. Instead, she says, "Here's the reality of my situation, and what can I do about it?"

Today she'll share how she has everything she wants and now she wants to spread that wealth by empowering others, especially women, to go out and make change in the world. "If you want to play big, you're going to have to expect that you will make mistakes, so apologize and move on," Amy says.

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Amy loves controlling her own paycheck, and she firmly believes the skills she's learned as a small business owner are transferrable to almost any other business. "You have to learn the specific skills that go with the specific business, but you can apply them to almost anything," Amy said.

She has plans for the future, but although she wants to grow the business and continue to impact more and more people, she wants to do it without sacrificing what she's built so carefully, with being able to focus on her family. Today she shares her obstacles and challenges as well as several key strategies for her success in the future.

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Amy loves watching her entrepreneurial clients grow and progress and she hates the feeling that she's never done in what she's doing! However, she knows she's hardwired to create solutions to problems that then create more problems to solve.

She loves having too many leads, but dislikes the hiring process. She works with the high-end clients and helps them learn how to market their own businesses. Today she shares how she maintains a healthy balance in her lifestyle as a mom, wife and entrepreneur.

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Amy Walker had a great job where they loved her and paid her well. She enjoyed it, but she missed spending time with her four boys. When she found herself expecting their fifth child, she knew things had to change.

She struck out on her own, and although she faced some surprises along the way, she didn't let it get her down. Soon, she was replacing her income while staying home with her kids.

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Tiffany wouldn't change any of her experiences, good or bad, because they have made her who she is today.

She's very goal-oriented and she's got some long-term big goals, but she realizes she just needs to do her best to reach them. She shares about her father's influence in her life, and how she learned a lesson at a young age to maintain balance.

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Tiffany plans to move back into the arena of purchasing companies and fixing their chaos, even though her partner isn't totally sold on the idea. She loves buying companies and she and Fresh discover in today's episode that her company may be a boulder, but it's more of an "aggregate stone" because it's comprised of many smaller stones.

Today she talks about her biggest challenges as well as what she believes her key strategies are for the future of The Resourceful CEO.

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Tiffany says cash is good right now, and she is able to take digital payments through PayPal, which has helped them have a positive cash flow. This allows them to require payment before working with a client.

She shares her typical day, which is more of a night-owlish type, but she also talks about how she allows changes in her schedule.

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Tiffany got started in another business in order to serve more people at once, and she hasn't looked back since. It only took a month before they got their first client under the new company, but it wasn't easy to convince Tiffany to switch to this mode.

They worked for a year writing and making themselves known in their niche and then they were ready to go.

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Cory's curiosity has taken him a long ways, and he believes that word is a key to entrepreneurial success. You have to be curious enough to ask the right questions and search out the answers if no one has them. You have to be curious enough to wonder how the competition is doing and research them.

Cory's influences as a hard worker started with his father, who was a farmer. Starting with nothing, when he passed away, he had over 10,000 acres of land and he worked hard to get it, providing Cory with the ultimate example of working hard for your money.

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Complete Nutrition is going well, and Cory plans to continue to expand, but he realizes that people are key to his success. If he doesn't get the right people for the franchises, he'll turn them down, despite them having the cash on hand to open the store.

He plans to expand globally in the future, but he sees it to be very far in the future. Picking the right franchisee is the key to the success as well, and getting the right people in the right corporate spots.

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Cory's business has grown from just his own five corporate stores in Omaha to 166 franchise stores across the country and over 500 total employees.

He focuses most of his day on asking questions, trying to figure out what's working, what the competition is doing and how people are doing. His nose for innovation is constantly pushing him to change and tweak various aspects of the business.

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Cory Wiedel capitalized on going broke with one company by purchasing their leftover weight-loss products and reselling them to finance his new venture with Complete Nutrition. He didn't let that stop him from falling behind again though, and after just a year or so in business, they found themselves several million dollars in the hole.

He finally buckled down and sold his wholesale business to focus on Complete Nutrition and that's when things took off. After starting with five stores, things grew quickly, and he'll share how he was surprised in that first year of business.

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Chris does get philosophical in this episode, sharing how serving others leads to success for yourself. His personal mission is to always raise the bar, establish higher standards and create happy, fruitful lives.

He combines his talents, skills and passions to create success, and he believes faith in yourself is also a key to success. His mantra when asked to speak is, "Sounds like fun," whether he feels completely qualified to do it or not.

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Making a difference in the world is great, but all the money in the world means nothing if he's a failure at home. Chris holds tight to these beliefs as a father of five, and although he would like to continue to grow Money Ripples, he does not want it to grow so big and so fast that he forgets about what is really important: his family.

Fresh and Chris share their similar family beliefs in today's episode, as well as talking about how he sees his role changing and why he never wants to be that guy that offers financial advice from a script. He is assembling his team of "avengers" and he wants to be the boulder that makes ripples worldwide with a lasting impact.

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Chris loves serving others, and it brings him not only satisfaction, but money. He calls "bull" on the whole premise that if you do what you love, the money will follow. He says, "Do what you love and what others love to have you do, and then the money CAN follow."

Today he shares more about what's keeping him busy right now and what his typical day looks like. He talks about why he hires contractors vs. employees and how that helps both him and the contractor.

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Chris Miles likes to make money, but he realized no amount of money was worth it if he wasn't serving others. This led him to jump ship from a job where he lived quite comfortably only working 10-12 hours a week to starting Money Ripples.

Chris wants to impact others, and by impacting others, he is able to have a (no pun intended) "ripple effect" that extends outward. Today he'll share the fascinating story of how he retired at 28 and came out of retirement out of sheer boredom to start the company known as Money Ripples.

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Alec credits his upbringing, including his parents and friends and family, with making him into the person he is today, and he wants to make the world a better place, whether that's through green lawns or other areas of his life.

He candidly shares how maybe he's a bit too "dumb to know when to quit," but he also shares what he would do differently if he had to do it all over again.

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Good Nature Organic Lawn Care has a BHAG, or Big Hairy Audacious Goal of organically treating 20,000 lawns by 2020, and although that seems aggressive, he has several key strategies in place to achieve this goal.

Alec also wants to help others learn, and although he is not thrilled with the direction the country is heading, he is still optimistic about the future for entrepreneurs. Today you'll find out why!

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Alec has the opportunity to step back and do some other things after 14 years in business. He has good employees who can manage things just fine without him, and he values putting the "right people in the right jobs."

He likes to keep his finger on the pulse of the business, but he hates getting bogged down in paperwork. He sometimes feels overwhelmed by emails, but Fresh shares a way to cut down on and manage those emails.

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Alec McClennan thought he was big stuff in lawn care until almost everyone's lawn died that first year of business. He worked quickly to come up with a better solution that still did not use harsh chemicals, and soon he was off to the races.

He landed a contract with the Cleveland Zoo almost by default, which spurred him into grabbing some friends and a spreader and heading to work with the kangaroos. Today he shares how he went from sealing driveways to a brief stint in tree cutting to the lawn care business.

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Josh's satisfaction level goes up when he feels like he's building something worthwhile and his business is running well, but also when he sees that he has created a good place for people to work.

He believes the Midwest is an easy place to live and he also has no real regrets. If he had to do it over again knowing what he knows now, he's "scared I wouldn't do it."

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Although it's important to attract new customers, Josh talks in today's episode about how you can't just put something "shiny" out there and not be able to back it up. He sees the future of JLSA as growing to a certain size while maintaining the important strategies that are their keys to success.

While growth is nice, they don't want to stray from their core values, which are to provide a great place to work as well as finding the "right way, right website, right logo." He gets real about their challenges as well as his optimism for the future of entrepreneurship in society.

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Josh is candid about finding the right clients to work with, and he shares that there have been times when he has had to "fire clients." Rarely does this happen, but he shares the "why" behind it and how they've been lucky to have great clients for the most part.

He also talks about their cash situation, including why he's sacrificed his salary to be able to build up their savings. While he recognizes that they have to have fun once in awhile, he and his partners acknowledge there is a plan in place to make sacrifices in order to add more staff. They've doubled their staff in the past year, so they must be doing something right!

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Josh Davis talks candidly about the start of Johnny Lightning Strikes Again, a creative marketing agency based in Kansas City. He shares his story of three partners starting out after being dissatisfied with where they were all working together.

Starting out with building flash websites, they ran into their first snag when iPhones became prevalent in society. The launch of the iPhone was a game changer, and they took on other web work, which quickly developed into whole business branding in many instances.

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Yuen has always wanted to leave the world better than he found it, and that core value has carried over into his business. He wants to bring significance to the world, and he believes he does that every time someone chooses his sushi over burritos or fries.

"Every day, thousands of people are making better choices," Yung said. He likes the "Pay it Forward" mentality and he loves that he's in a business that even his kids understand. Although it's hard to narrow it down, he finds that his father has inspired him greatly. His father taught him about bitterness. "Until you taste bitter, you really don't know what sweet tastes like."

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Yuen has a big vision for his company, including getting to 100 or more locations globally within the next 3-5 years, and his big goal is to have 2-3000 stores "before I die."

He knows that they have to stay innovative since they are in the food industry and he also realizes he is impatient. "If I don't see double or triple-digit growth, I'm not excited," Yung said.

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Although he currently has approximately 45 employees in his corporate stores and franchise office, Yuen admits his company is still in its infancy. "It takes a long time in our industry," Yung said.

While his cash is okay, he's an impatient person. He plans to raise more capital to open more corporate stores, since that's where the best profit margins are. Right now, this means he is focusing on figuring out how to best accelerate their growth.

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All Yuen wanted was a good bite of sushi, but with his 30-minute lunch break, he knew there'd be no time for his favorite sushi place. After eating grocery store sushi, he realized he was settling, when what he wanted was fast casual sushi.

Fast-forward two years, and Yuen found himself raising the walls on a brick-and-mortar business of his own, abandoning the wealth-management field for entrepreneurship. Nearly six years later, he's going strong and proving that they can "make the world better, one stomach at a time."

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Joe Vasko is in love with building companies. He loves to create processes and systems and he's done a great job of it with his current business. Although he has a "really long list" of things he'd do differently if he could start all over again, he's at a great spot right now.

He enjoys making a difference in the lives of his employees, including offering jobs to those that might not otherwise be considered for work in other companies. This drives up the loyalty factor among his employees, and they're all on a first-name basis.

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Joe doesn't want to be a huge corporation taking over the world. He just wants to dominate his "concentric circle." He took over all the business in his 2-mile radius and now he's increased to a goal of taking over the 4-mile radius from his location.

Although this sounds narrow-minded, it's not as if his only clients are located within this circle. However, he doesn't have plans to expand much past the million-dollar mark, because he would rather have large profit margins on a million dollars than work so hard for a 20-million dollar company with only a .5% profit margin. He'll share why on today's episode.

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Joe's business has drastically changed since he started it nine years ago. He's no longer in the hardscaping business, but he has created a business that brings him residual income.

He's using the business to pay down his debt quickly, but this also limits his growth. He wants to "hammer debt" but it is sometimes frustrating not to be able to grow as quickly as he would like. Today he shares how his cash looks right now and what is keeping him busy in his day-to-day life.

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As a hard-working 19-year-old, one day Joe realized he could be doing a job better than his boss and getting paid like his boss was getting paid, so he struck out on his own. He had his first client within a week and there was no looking back after that!

Joe shares about the surprises he faced in that first year, especially due to his lack of experience as a very young entrepreneur.

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After secretly creating $25,000 of credit card debt in her marriage, Debra Ann knew it was time to come clean to her husband and fix her mistakes. She joined Mary Kay Cosmetics with the goal of paying off her debt in one year, and she achieved it.

Her girls thought free cars just appeared in their driveway as she managed to make her pink career revolve around her children and husband, but even now, with her kids grown and several businesses later, she still has passion and boundless energy. Come along as she shares how work is a hobby for her.

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Big goals, big visions, and even bigger dreams. That's what Debra Ann will share in today's episode about her future. She plans to take her late husband's one location and grow it into several over the next couple of years and then pass the helm to her sons-in-law.

She's finding tons of success and even having to turn away some growth in Mend-A-Body, but one dream for the future includes getting involved in flipping businesses, much like one flips houses. She's got the vision, the stamina and is in GO-Mode!

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Debra Ann is focused on the glass industry business at this point, because they are heading into winter in Maine, but she's had to consciously "put the manholes back on" the Mend-A-Body Solutions business to make sure they were growing "smart."

She coined the term "The Flipover," which means that once you get past the "grateful puppy syndrome" where you are so grateful that someone wants to schedule an appointment with you to the place where you actually feel sorry for the person who decided not to do business with you, that's when you really start rocking the world. Today she shares more about her captivating story.

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