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Today Kim talks about how she chose her company values as well as what drives and intrigues her. She introduces a nugget of information she shares with some of her clients, as well as offering a FREE personal coaching session with her!

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Kim has some big plans for the future, including a "short" long-term vision and a "long" long-term vision. Today she shares both, as well as her key strategies for getting there.

She also talks about how the coaching process works and where they are located.

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Kim has passed down her coaching talents to a very strong staff of five coaches, with 11 more waiting in the wings for their certification. She's used her knowledge to build an excellent team and it gives her great satisfaction to see their success.

She's taking a purposeful step back from constant coaching and limiting her clients because she knows she must also be the voice and face of the company. Today she shares about her typical day, and find out what she has in common with our host!

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Kim has been involved with assessing people for many years and in 2005 she made a change. She wanted to work one-on-one with people and help coach them to success.

She got going quickly and today she shares how she started and what drove her to make journaling the focus of her coaching.


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Jay's lived through many successes and some failures, and he preaches that young entrepreneurs are in the perfect position to put all their eggs in one basket. That's the time to take the risk, according to him, and the key is to know how to protect your basket!

Today he shares about his father and how he was influenced by his success and his failure, as well as sharing an inspiring book title from way back when.

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In today's episode, Jay talks about how he will continue helping young entrepreneurs in the future, as well as his plans to write a book with Tony Jeary about getting advice from the right sources. 

He shares an anecdote that will be included in the book, which will be titled Advice Matters as well as passing along valuable information about franchising. 

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Jay spent 62 years building and selling businesses, and today he shares what he does with his time now. He could've retired 30 years ago, but he loves helping young entrepreneurs so much he still works full-time hours doing so.

He talks about his a-typical day and what he has shared with entrepreneurs throughout the years, as well as sharing some interesting stories about how several investments turned out.

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Jay Rodgers has had his hand in a lot of cookie jars over the past 60+ years, and he got his entrepreneurial start at age 13. He didn't stop with just one business, however. He was always looking to make things bigger and better and then make his exit.

Although he's about to hit the 75 mark, he keeps himself young by adding to his ever-growing list of companies he has either started or improved. Today he shares how he started a couple of those and what it takes to be successful in any business.

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Hunter feels great about what he does, because it allows him to give back to the community that he grew up with.

He also has a knack for making people feel important, including knowing every single member of the Stunt Players Directory by face and name. (and that's a lot!)

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Hunter is excited about the future of Stunt Players Directory, especially as they continue to become more innovative. The service he provides has greatly changed the industry, and he has plans to do even more.

Today he shares how he plans to continue to change the industry, and how he will balance his studies with his jobs and Stunt Players.

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